How does Bose® Audio Technologies offered in INFINITI vehicles work?

  • Centerpoint®: It takes two-channel CD and DVD stereo recordings and creates five independent channels, delivering a simulated multi-channel surround sound experience.
  • SurroundStage®: It sends each audio channel to a carefully chosen combination of speakers for balanced surround sound listening from every seat in the vehicle.
  • TrueSpace®: It creates a wider perceived soundstage from two closely spaced speakers, so the sound of voices and instruments seems to extend beyond the speakers.
  • AudioPilot®: It automatically monitors and adjusts the music to compensate for the effects of unwanted outside sound and vehicle speed. It reacts only to sustained noise sources and not intermittent noises such as speed bumps, and it is capable of compensating for unusual situations such as driving on very rough roads or at high speeds.
  • Personal®: Installed in the shoulders of each front seat to deliver the left-rear and right- rear surround channels to the driver and front-seat passenger.
  • Acoustic Waveguide®: It increases the output of a dual woofer by adding a serpentine-shaped tube inside the enclosure.